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BopFest! is a jazz festival now in its second year running from November 14th to 20th 2016 during the EFG London Jazz Festival, featuring a week of the best of British bebop and straight ahead jazz, hosted in the beautiful Victorian wood-panelled music room at The Elgin in Ladbroke Grove, central London. The venue features a Yamaha grand piano and sound system, with cabaret style seating in front of the stage, with a capacity for 100 people. Food - The Elgin has an excellent kitchen - and drinks are available during the music.

After an incredibly (and unexpectedly) successful first year, we're very proud to announce our lineup for 2016's festival, with an extra 3 gigs, and 3 support bands, for a total of 12 bands - twice as many as last time!

Please do note the start times vary from gig to gig - this is either to accommodate the support bands, or because we've had to adjust the timing to accommodate a band that's on tour and needs time to get to the next gig!

Contact Nat Steele or Allison Neale for more info